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black board by ghostpatrol on Flickr.


Some dark art by Theo Mercier.

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Jason Schmidt captures Takashi Murakami’s monsters and a model for Harper’s Bazaar, naturally.

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Charles Freger - Wilder Mann (2010) - A series exploring human fascination with myth, ritual and tradition

I’ve reblobbed this already but i don’t even care. It is my EVERYTHING.

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L’Enfants Bizarre

Three preserved human fetuses, presented in an antique display cabinet. The first is an altogether healthy fetus, the second suffers Polymelia, six arms, and the final, suffers a rare infection of the Shope papilloma virus, which causes a series of horn like growths in the forehead. These three are part of a large collection of human specimens, afflicted with various genetic diseases.

Imagine all the motherfuckers you could slap with six hands tho

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Here’s a shrine I made earlier.


A lot of people have been asking me about the names of my guys, so here you go!

it’s too much!!